Posted by Mary Sloan on Jan 19, 2021
Clarkston's new Interact club is up and running!  Their first two projects were decorating gift boxes for a project at Pine Knob Elementary and their second was planting crocuses in downtown Clarkston and at Pine Knob Elementary.  Their most  recent project is described by their president, Annabelle, in the following exuberant paragraph.
The Interact Winter Drive went perfectly. Starting with the marketing for our event, my communication officers did a flawless job spreading the word. Savannah and Aj reached out to just about every part of Clarkston to ensure that we'd get maximum donations. And that we did! We ended up with an abundance of donations shown in the pictures attached. Included in these donations were brand new toys/clothes, and lightly used books, clothes, coats, toys, and miscellaneous items.
Over the weekend, we were visited by some of Clarkston's own Rotarians, and by some of the parents of the volunteers. The volunteers consisted of primarily my Interactors (which is what we call club members), and by two CHS students.
A great turnout of Interactors and donators! Everybody was happy to be volunteering and donating. We loved all the smiles and words of encouragement. While we weren't promoting donations to our club, we managed to get $50 cash. Our next project is to raise money so we can do more projects and we're working on getting a checking account for Interact under Rotary. Our club is solid! My service coordinators, Jake and Quincy basically set the entire event up from getting a volunteer schedule together to contacting Grace center of Hope and just figuring everything out. I'm beyond excited for what's to come! Thank you, Clarkston!