Posted by Mary Sloan on Mar 30, 2021
It is with heavy hearts that we say "good-bye" to our friend, John Priebe. 
John joined the Clarkston Rotary Club October 4, 1976.  He served as club president  in 1987-88, which was the first year women were allowed in Rotary. He described that as a very volatile time, as many male members didn't want women in their club. He weathered the storm and pulled the Clarkston Rotary ship into calmer waters. 
Instead of "Happy Bucks" at our last meeting, we shared some of our favorite memories of John; timekeeper for Clarkston High School football games, organizing the annual SCAMP picnic for students and their families, directing families at the annual Shoes for Kids event, top sales person for our wine party fund raiser.  He liked to complain that he "never won the 50-50 raffle," which we showed many times wasn't true.  He liked to contradict the other members, and no one paid any attention as they knew he wasn't serious.  He kept perfect attendance in Rotary for 40+ years, until Covid made it hard to meet. 
He will be missed by many.  It's hard to say "good-bye."